ZCM 10.0.1

We have updated the ZCM DVD on http://download.novell.com

Go check it out...


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  • The ZCM download has been broken for the last 4 days at least.
  • Agreed. I was told early on after the release by Novell SEs that there was going to be a quick fix release. Just confused me that they released it as a new product and not a SP or Hot fix.
  • So much anger :)

    Some people are unhappy that there are patches while others are unhappy that there are bugs. I've hit bugs myself and am taking a very slow approach to deployment. I think that this is the only prudent method of deploying this software as it is cutting edge. It's not just Novell that has these problems... I've had cars that are the first gen and they have serious problems, but later models are rock solid. We're heavy users of VMWare ESX 3 and it's been a big pain on one hand and incredible on the other. MS Vista has bugs even with years of development and tons of money and testing.

    I think that any complete redesign of any product is bound to have some growing pains.

    But, I am happy that there are patches. I just wish they weren't so big :)
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  • Just to clarify this is NOT SP1 for ZCM, that is due next year and has not changed. There ARE fixes in this download, and it will also be available via the sytem-updater shortly (so that you do not need to re-install).
  • Does this fix the dozens of issues we have found with ZCM?

    Why so soon? Is this support pack 1?

    When I talked with my Novell partner I was not told that there was to be an update so soon. They thought middle of 2008.

    I have just started deployment of this product and now there's a new version. If it is not the same thing then why sneak it out into the world?

    Poor planning from Novell again.
  • You need to read the other posts and forum at support.

    ZENworks 10 is very poor. Not working for me and i guess lots of other customer.

    SO to show this is not true Novell have to release an > release.
  • The update has been release as a 'media' release. When ZCM came out in August it was download only, this new release does contain fixes that have been developed since August but more importantly is the version that you can order on DVD as well as downloading.

    I'm told that a TID will be released with the changelog.
  • Why?
  • is there a change log for this update?