Announcement: GUIDFixxer Now Supports Image Preparation and Commandline Options!

Image Preparation


GUIDFixxer.exe -i

prior to imaging to ensure that no trace of the GUID is left on your source image. GuidFixxer.exe goes beyond the zac fsg -d command to prevent certain versions of Zenworks from attampting to pull the GUID back in from the filesystem, resulting in duplicate GUIDs on your targets.

Duplicate GUIDs

So, you just installed ZENworks 11 and start deploying to machines.

Suddenly, to your dismay, you notice something wrong. The machines you are registering don't seem to be showing up in ZENworks.

Suspecting trouble, you compare computers, looking in ZENworks Agent Properties. You notice that all of them have the same name!

You then run zac fsg and compare GUIDs. They are all the same!

What happened?

Most likely, your computer manufacturer didn't embed a serial number into the motherboard firmware. To ZENworks, these all look like the same computer.

Before you run this program, reconfigure your ZENworks Primary Server to ignore the Serial Number of the computers.

Go to Configuration --> Management Zone Settings --> Device Management --> Registration


Uncheck Serial Number under Reconciliation Settings.

Then, download GUIDFixxer.exe and run this tool on each affected computer that has the same GUID.

Note: This version of the program assumes you are dealing with at least ZENworks 11. This program may not work on earlier versions of ZENworks (due to limitations with ziswin on the commandline)

I welcome feedback and suggestions to improve this tool.



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