ZENworks FTF Installation Package Bundle Deployment Facilitator

When a ZENworks FTF installation package is to be deployed, say via a bundle, one needs to specify the TARGETDIR property to indicate where the files need to be copied. This value is the Program Files folder (%ProgramFiles%) for standard deployments. However, if deployments are customized and vary from location to location, its neither easy to remember the deployment location nor is it convenient to create a different bundle for each location.

This utility creates (or updates) an environment variable called 'ZENWORKS_TARGETDIR' which can be consumed by a ZENworks administrator to conveniently deploy an FTF installation package via a single bundle to multiple locations, independent of the "ZENworks home" value. You will need to ensure that this utility is run on a managed device prior to deploying an FTF installation package via a bundle. Thereafter, you will need to specify TARGETDIR=%ZENWORKS_TARGETDIR% in the MSI options of the FTF bundle.


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