Zauto script


The zauto script is a fast way for updating image-safe data from the Linux PXE environment, given that workstation hostnames are known to the DNS server. Image-safe data is updated by simply calling the "zauto" script from the bash-prompt or from a scripted image. Default values for image-safe data can be changed by editing the "zauto" script located in the "extra" folder.


The zauto script and (g)awk can be added to the Linux PXE image automatically by running the "" script. This must be done from a Linux workstation, with support for minix fs and loop devices. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Copy "SYS:/tftp/linux.2" to the "zauto-patch" directory.
  2. Edit "extra/zauto" to suit your needs.
  3. cd to the "zauto-patch" directory and run "./".
  4. Copy the patched linux.2 image back to the "SYS:/tftp" folder.


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