Running Google Chrome Virtualized, with ZENworks Application Virtualization

A customer recently asked if there's a way to get Google Chrome running virtualized. The answer is a resounding YES.

You can create a virtual app of chrome (and many, many other apps) using templates or "recipes" in the ZAV console.

As it says on Page 13 in the ZAV User's Guide:

"Build a virtual application from a template: ZENworks Application Virtualization includes templates and recipes for several popular applications. This option automatically virtualizes and configures popular applications using a guided wizard and user-provided or downloaded media. This method is recommended for first-time users of ZENworks Application Virtualization. When viewing the list of available applications, templates are marked with an asterisk (*) and do not require the software to be installed during packaging. Templates are pre-configured and may require changes for custom configurations. Recipes require the application to be installed and configured on the local system. The settings from the local system will be applied to the configuration."

A quick overview of building a virtual app with the ZAV wizard can be found on page 15 of that same guide.

And here's a video showing how you would build an IE6 application with the ZAV wizard.

See the complete list of guaranteed application compatibility.

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