Introducing the ZENworks Extension for Open Workgroup Suite!


If you're an Open Workgroup Suite customer you have ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Endpoint Security Management available. If you want to use more of the ZENworks components it will be useful to have a look at the extension to ZENworks Suite.

With the ZENworks Extension for Open Workgroup Suite, you get all of the additional components available in the ZENworks Suite. What does the Extension include?

> Desktop Containers
> ZENworks Asset Management
> ZENworks Full Disk Encryption
> ZENworks Service Desk (Standard edition)
> a discount on ZENworks Patch Management

Combined with the ZENworks capabilities you already have with Open Workgroup Suite, this gives you parity with the full ZENworks Suite. More importantly, it gives you the ability to generate significant cost and time savings, ensure security and regulatory compliance, and maximize IT asset value for your organization.

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