ZEN Den Webcast: ZENworks Mobile Management


Do you hear the words, “Android”,” iPhone”, “iPad” and more when speaking with your customers? Mobile devices dominate the workplace, and management of those devices presents a dilemma to organizations of all kinds. This webcast will cover the most relevant Mobile Device Management market data and trends, describe how the Novell solution fits, how it stacks up against the competition, where the integration path is going and why it’s the hottest topic today.

By attending this 58 minute webcast, you will learn

◦ why customers need this – discover their key business drivers
◦ what kind of conversation you should plan to have with customers
◦ how this product fits into the ZENworks Product Family
◦ what should be communicated to your customers today
◦ when you can expect to be able to deliver this to your customers

Join Justin Strong and Doug Clower as they walk you through these details and the talking points you must know to be successful helping your customers solve their pressing mobility challenges.


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