We've been using Holger Dopp's ZENWSBrowser now for quite a while, but it always seemed to be a problem that we had to deploy a complete ConsoleOne to our Helpdesk staff. So I created an Application Object without all the unnecessary parts of ConsoleOne.

As the application object is quite large, I created two application objects.

The first one extracts the unnecessary from your installed ConsoleOne directory (I assumed it is C:\Novell\ConsoleOne\1.2) and puts them in a directory (C:\Snapshot\Zfdbrowser). It is important, that ZENWSBrowser is already installed and working.

The second Application distributes the catched files to %programfiles%\Zfdbrowser and actually starts the program. This is the
application to be deployed to your helpdesk-staff.

The application should work on all supported Windows versions. You will have to alter the pathnames. I included English and German, but it should be easy to add other languages.


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