TrueCrypt Disappears, But the Usefulness of Full Disk Encryption Carries On


securityAs you may have read, TrueCrypt has become the Norwegian blue parrot of the software world and is no longer with us. A message on the TrueCrypt website suggests that the project ended due to ‘unfixed security issues’ and yet an independent project that is auditing TrueCrypt has yet to find any.

There is intense speculation that unknown government forces compromised the project. Others suggest that the end of life for Windows XP was the catalyst. I’m putting my money on the developers had finally made themselves the perfect cup of tea and decided that nothing else could match that.

With an anonymous team of developers it is going to be hard to get the real answer.

For those people, and many organizations, who have been using TrueCrypt, what now? You could migrate to another open source project, and there are many out there.  But if the Daddy of them all, TrueCrypt, can disappear overnight, so can they.

If you’re one of our Novell customers, then I’d suggest that you take a look at Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption, which provides management of both hardware and software based encryption on Windows endpoints. The Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption product set is fully integrated with the ZENworks console, server and agent and includes support for emergency recovery and drive decommissioning.

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