Dynamically disable the ZCM login screen for users not in the User Source

After having taught many ZCM courses for the NHS there has been a reoccurring issue with users logins in GP surgeries. Many of these users are not part of the main ZENWorks Configuration Management User Source domain and, as such their authentication to ZCM fails and they need to cancel further login attempts from the ZCM login screen.

For these machines it is simple to configure a registry key to prevent user authentication to the zone if it fails, i.e. if the user is in the Domain they will authenticate to ZCM if they are not in the Domain then they fail authentication to ZCM and the login prompt is disabled for that login.

DWORD Vallue

With this set, why not push it out with a bundle. A user will authenticate to ZCM if they authenticate as a user who is also in the User Source , ( as well as the main domain ). For users that are in a local Domain to the surgery: they will authenticate as normal to their own domain but will not authenticate to ZCM or see the ZEN login screen smile


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