How to merge the Ghost (3Com) PXE boot services with the ZENworks PXE

This document assumes you already have the ZENworks and 3Com PXE components functioning. As I only describe the manipulating of the files.

Having always used the Symantec Ghost Suite for our Imaging solution, I'm a little apprehensive to want to switch to the ZENworks solution.

With Ghost, I have developed a very customized and somewhat automated imaging process which utilizes '4DOS' and 'WINNT' command shell scripts and the 3com Boot Services Suite which comes bundled with Symantec Ghost, but want to begin playing with the ZENworks without disrupting the way we now do things.

Our old configuration:
Our Ghost Server ran on a Windows XP box with the 3Com Boot Services installed, using only TFTP and PXE services with the PXE server set to run in 'PROXY DHCP' mode. These services are now turned off and the XP box now only runs the ghostcast servers. The 3Com PXE boot files consist of a menu file and the boot image itself. The DHCP server runs on the Novell 6.5 server (DHCPSRVR.NLM) and ZENworks 7 SP1.

Before I began I made a backup copy SYS:\TFTP\ directory structure on the Novell server.

I first wanted to try to use our 3Com PXE boot files on the Novell side of things, which worked well and then afterwards tried combining the ZENworks files.

On the Novell server, the file SYS:\TFTP\DINIC.SYS is the first file that the TFTP server sends to the requesting PXE client, as near as I can tell. I am unsure at this point if it is possible to name another file, so . . .

Perform the following to complete the merge:


copy Your3ComMenu and Your3ComBootImage files to 'SYS:\TFTP\'

rename 'SYS:\TFTP\Your3ComMenu' to 'SYS:\TFTP\DINIC.SYS'

rename 'SYS:\TFTP\Your3ComBootImage' to 'SYS:\TFTP\GHOST.PXE'

Then using the '3Com Boot Image Editor' utility (ImgEdit.exe), Open the 3com Menu file, now named 'SYS:\TFTP\DINIC.SYS', and modify it to use the two .PXE files that you have just renamed. Myself, I set the GHOST.PXE to be the default boot image and set the timeout to one second.

Remember, the file paths within the menu are relative to the TFTP server's root.

That’s it!

Hit whatever key is needed to boot to the network.

At about the point where the computer prompts you to 'Hit F8 for the boot options menu' and 'Auto-Select: ZENworks Boot' appears, start tapping the arrow keys. Doing so stops the 3Com boot menu's timeout from auto-selecting it's default boot image and instead, displays it's menu for selection, then choose either the ZEN or the GHOST.

Except for DINIC.SYS, it does not really matter what file names you want to use, I used those that I did, to help both you as well as myself understand what it is that I have done.

I had no problems appear from the very beginning so unfortunately I have no caveats to bring up other than back it up first!


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