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Tony K. wrote: I know there are product database lists that are periodically updated, but how do you collate this information? Do you gather and verify the data yourselves, or do you take submissions from customers?

The reason I ask is I may come across desirable and undesirable executable files, but because they are unknown they don't appear on the ZAM database.

If I were to gather info for use, what exactly do I need to look for - e.g. filename, version, manufacturer, product hash? Also if I were to get a list of products not recognised - would you want this info to update your list? I think if there is a pool of ZAM customers contributing to the list, this may benefit everyone?

Software Identification Wizard

Great question, Tony. There's a very slick utility you can download that allows people to participate in identifying new programs, enabling ZAM to be more effective for everyone. It's an automated way to do what you described.

The SWID Wizard is a utility that will scan configured locations on a workstation looking for information about a particular piece of software. The output files created from this utility will be sent to Novell for future inclusion of this software in the fingerprint knowledgebase used by ZENworks Asset Management to recognize installed software in the environment. To receive the latest Product Recognition Updates, please visit

The SWID Wizard is able to scan locations on a remote machine, but only if you are logged into both machines. For example, if you are running the probe from machine A and are probing machine B, you must be logged into both machines with the same account.

Read the complete instructions, and download the SWID Wizard from this TID.


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  • Hi,
    We are currently running ZENworks 7.0 on novell server and using it for remote desktop, workstation images and application deployment, which I love! I’m about to migrate over to version 10, plan on running it on a Microsoft server. I have read most all the information on preparing, setting up etc. Have any of you ran the two version parallel? And what do you think of the newest version?