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Q: Dennis H. wrote: Can someone define what the upgrade path is for the new ZENworks? It seems that even Novell and the resellers can't seem to answer this question. If I have ZENworks 6.5 Desktop, don't I simply upgrade to ZENworks Configuration Management Standard? (or Advanced, or Enterprise?) And why is it that Novell still lists ZENworks 7 (which doesn't support Vista) as a product? Shouldn't we all be going to Configuration Management (ZENworks 10)??

A: Check out the How to Buy page. If you click on the Upgrade tab you'll see a table that outlines the upgrade path for each version.

As for ZENworks 7, it is still a supported product which is why it is on the pages.


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    There are many roads to Rome but how I would migrate is to push the .net framework application to all users/workstations and also a registry setting to make sure simple filesharing is turned off on the xp boxes. Once those requirements are satisfied, I would use a novell login script entry to 'push the zcm agent' down to workstations.

    The login script entry would be unique for each OU in the sense that the department specific deployment package would contain a registration key that will register the workstation in a specific OU.

    So I will not import existing workstations created by ZfD6.5. I will use the login script to estentially re-register all workstations at the time the zcm agent is loaded. I will apply the same logic for inventory ( i.e. to just create a new inventory ).