ZEN Remote by IP


Sometimes we end up with some disconnect and we don't have a
workstation associated to a user ID. If you can get the IP address, you can try to remote those users this way. Thanks to Adam Hobbs and Cade Carvel whose previous coolsolutions on rcconsole made this easy for me.

This hta file will run on Windows workstations and allow an authenticated admin to remote control or remote view a user workstation if they enter that WS IP. The readme/directionsr is included in the HTML code and directs the administrator with customization needs.

Administrator's directions: This requires an install of ConsoleOne with ZEN snapins to function properly. You can see I call RCCONSOLE from


You can run it from elsewhere if ya like, just edit this file to reflect the correct path. Additionally, edit the HTA file in NOTEPAD and do a search/replace for REPLACE_THIS_TREE_NAME. Enter your tree's name between the quotes, delete the notes, give to your helpdesk. good luck!

Note: According to Shaun Pond's comments and the documentation site, passing calls by calling the rcconsole.exe) is unsupported
by Novell. See also ZEN Remote Wrapper for Desktop 4 with a different executable (desktop4.exe). It has
a similar look and feel as this tool, but the underlying functionality is different. The new tool follows the recommendations of the documentation and leverages desktop4.exe to allow ZEN Remote to control tasks outside of ConsoleOne.


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