ZENworks Apps Verify 1.2


This program reads the entries in C:\NALCache\%treename%. It uses the file GUI_VERIFY.INI. The treename is entered in this file on the first line, and on the second line the !!last part!! of the entries to look for is entered. I have included this last line because in some of the companies I work for, applications that are being developed are placed in a different contexts, and you don't normally want users to verify them.

So make sure the GUI_VERIFY.INI is configured correctly, and that it is located in the directory where GUI_VERIFY.EXE is run from.

It is dependant on C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\NALWIN32.exe. I have tested it using Novell 5.1/6.5 and ZENworks 4.01 IR5.


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