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This document provides information on how to configure a Novell GroupWise Server with Novell Service Desk.

Service Desk is a complete service management solution that allows you to easily monitor and solve services issues so that there is minimal disruption to your organization, enabling users to focus on the core business. It provides an online support system to meet the service requirements of all your customers, administrators, supervisors, and technicians.

GroupWise is an enterprise collaboration system that provides secure email, calendaring, scheduling, and secure instant messaging. It also includes task management, contact management, document management, and other productivity tools.

Problem Statement

Setting up an Email configuration
Customers facing issues in receiving / reading incident emails / notifications, which is one of the key feature in Service Desk which mitigates the time consumption of the Support team in handling the requests of the Users.

    • When a Customer raises a request via email to Service Desk or to a specific team, auto reply mails are not generated and are not delivered in the proper format.


    • Customer raising a request using the Service Desk Web Console.


Following are the Servers / Client which were used for verifying and testing the functionality of the feature explained in this document.

    1. Service Desk 7.0.1 on SLES11 SP1 64-Bit


    1. eDir 8.8.7 on OES11 SP1


    1. GroupWise 2012 SP2 Server on OES11 SP1


    1. GroupWise 2012 SP1 / SP2 Clients on Windows 7 / 8 64-Bit


    1. Browsers – Internet Explorer 10 / Firefox 21 on Windows 7 / 8 64-Bit

Configuring Novell GroupWise Server

Note: Before installing GroupWise Server, make sure that there is an eDirectory Service running on the Server.

The figure below represents the list of Groups / Users available in the eDirectory.

The link below provides you the information on how to install GroupWise 2012.

To configure a GroupWise Server refer the Administrator guide in the link below:

The figure below shows how we can add Alias Names to a User.

Example: We have added Dell and Lenovo Nicknames for ServiceDesk User.


    1. Login to ConsoleOne with admin credentials.


    1. Connect to the GroupWise System by locating the Domain location.


    1. Browse through the Users, open the Properties of the Users.


    1. Click on GroupWise tab and select option Nicknames.


    1. Click on Add and locate the Domain / PostOffice.


    1. Now enter the Object ID (Alias Name) for the User and save it.

Configuring Novell Service Desk

Note: Before configuring the GroupWise Server in Service Desk, ensure that you have configured and imported the eDirectory Users. Also make sure that appropriate Groups are created and Users are mapped to it.

The link below provides you the information on how to install Service Desk 7.0.1.

The link below will take you to the Administration Guide of Service Desk 7.0.1.

The figure below represents the Email Server tab where we have to provide GroupWise Server parameters for configuring it in Service Desk.


    1. Login to NSD Web Console as Admin user.


    1. Click on the menu Setup.


    1. Default web page displays the Email Server setup page.


    1. Provide the GroupWise Server details such as IP / Name, Port (ignore this field to use default port), Username and Password for accessing the server, etc.

The figure below is the Email Setup tab which allows the Administrator to define the behavior of the email polling functionality.

Based on the Corporate requirements we can modify the settings on how to poll / receive the emails.

Once the Setup is done, we have to create different teams to handle different activities. The screenshot below lists the different teams available in Service Desk which we have configured for test.

Example: Here we have created the Service Desk team (which is a Primary team for handling incident requests). We have created 2 teams, Dell and Lenovo which are associated with and respectively, they are aliases of


    1. Login to NSD Web Console as Super user.


    1. Click on the User tab and select Teams menu.


    1. Click on the New button.


    1. Provide the necessary inputs such as, team name, process, lead technician, incoming email, etc.

This completes the GroupWise integration with Service Desk.

The screenshots below show the request mail and auto reply acknowledgment on an incident creation sent / received by the Customer.

Requests Mail (Sent Items)

Incident Creation (Inbox)



This document explains how the Administrator / Supervisor users can successfully configure GroupWise with Service Desk. Now the Customers will be able to raise tickets via email and the Service Desk will trigger Auto Reply Acknowledgement emails to the Customers.


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