ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5


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ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 Update.


  • ZENUSB.EXE & ZENUSB.AU3 - Free (I made it)

  • ZENworks files = Novell made it, I just modified a little. It's a part of ZENworks for Desktops

I have modified ZENworks Imaging 6.5 CD software to run on USB storage & CDROM devices and a installer tool that installs ZENworks Imaging on USB devices.
The USB version has the same functionality as the CD-ROM version of Imaging.
The source code for the installer program is in the source code folder and is made with the Autoit software.
You are free to modify the files as much as you want.
To recompile the source code with your modifications you need to install Autoit.

Requirements for the installer:
OS: Windows NT/2000/XP (Windows 9x have to do the install manually).
USB Storage: Kingston USB pen is the only tested device (it should work on any USB storage, hard drives etc.).

I take no responsibility if this tool is used on wrong device by mistake!
The device chosen for ZENworks Imaging by the installer tool gets ERASED before installing ZENworks!

See Readme.txt for installation instructions.

Note: See also ZENworks Imaging USB v4.01.05, for the 4.01 Interim Release 5 with USB support.


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