ZENworks Automatic Imaging

Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to automate zenworks imaging without having pxe implemented? I have the linux partition installed on the workstations and I would like to have them reimaged at a specific time that I could set. However I do not have pxe implemented yet on our network. I will really appreciate any help :). Thank you. Stephan.


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  • Well, if you have the linux partition already on them, they should boot, check to see if there is work to do and then if not boot to the client OS. IF they already do that, then you can set the work to do, and have them Wake on LAN (WOL).

    If you want to get fancy and have this automated, you could write a perl script that would change the eDirectory attribute, then WOL machiens based either on the Workstation Group, or individual MAC addresses.
  • I'm sure you could easily write a bash script to dump on your linux partition that would check the time, if the conditions are met, then begin the imaging process. You will have to script the whole thing out of course, I would look up a bash scripting tutorial if you don't know the commands. You will also want to set your computers to turn on or restart at the appropriate time.