ZCM Launch Return Code


In ZCM when specifying a "Launch Executable" action you can specify success return codes. These are codes that an executable (i.e. notepad.exe) will return when the executable is finished.

This is all great except that it can be difficult knowing what return code was returned. This executable will report the return code so that you can easily add the value to the "Success Return Code" values.

This is a very simple executable that will run on any OS. Using it is as simple as launchReturnCode.exe notepad.exe.

Using this executable is VERY simple.

1 - Extract the ZIP to any location
2 - In a DOS prompt type LaunchReturnCode.exe <command>
3 - Plug in the code into the Launch Success Code

You can read more about Launch Success Codes in the Novell Documentation.

Action - Launch Executable - http://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks11/zen11_cm_software_distribution/data/action_launch.html

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