Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization 7 Is Here!


In this economic climate, customers are looking for every way to reduce costs while delivering the capabilities users need to stay productive. That's why application virtualization will be one of the best tools in your sales arsenal this year. With ZENworks Application Virtualization, customers can eliminate application conflicts, dramatically reduce the time required to test and deploy applications, increase desktop security and streamline upgrades to Microsoft Vista.

And the new ZENworks Application Virtualization 7 gives you even more functionality to bring to cost-conscious customers. The new version includes features like:

  • Integration with ZENworks Configuration Management, enabling administrators to distribute virtual applications across Windows desktops using our award-winning configuration management technology

  • The ability to restrict virtual applications from running on devices not registered through ZENworks Configuration Management

  • Easily configurable file associations and icons, which make virtual applications look and feel like standard Windows applications to the end user

  • The flexibility to compress virtual applications and distribute patches for virtual applications independently of the applications themselves

Please begin talking to your customers and prospects about this product. As a key component of Novell's solution for desktop standardization and optimization, it represents not only an excellent upsell for existing ZENworks customers, but a powerful tool for driving new business. In fact, Gartner recently predicted that 50% of large organizations will use software virtualization by 2010, and 50% of mid-size organizations will do so by 2013. Use the links below to access sales materials that will help you tap into this lucrative market. Please also note that your existing ZENworks Application Virtualization customers are entitled to the new version.



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