Want to push down Firefox with ZENworks? This could be the solution for you!

Unattended distribution, configuration and lockdown of Firefox extensions. Push down upgrades to Firefox by downloading new Firefox setup.exe, saving to the server, and up the application object's version # setting. Click Read more for details!

This method uses ZENworks to automatically set up Firefox and extensions in an unattended fashion and prevent users from changing certain settings that you want to lock down, and allows you to modify standard defaults so that you can pre-configure the browser and extensions.

It has no dependancies on VBscript or MSIs. I have only used it with ZFD 4.0.1 on Windows XP though it should work with other ZEN versions and OSs.

Note: In its current iteration it will probably only work when the end users have necessary rights to install firefox (local admin rights); b/c on my
network my users have rights to install software anyway. I'll later do
an update that takes care of this.


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