Using ZENworks Patch Management 6.x to Register workstations in ZFD 7.x

Forcing ZFD 7 workstation registration with ZENworks Patch Management

Occasionally, I have workstations that haven’t registered, so I created a ZENworks Patch management package that registers the workstation for me.

Step one: Create batch file (I call mine zwsreg) and save it somewhere on your computer

cd c:\program files\novell\zenworks
zwsreg -importserver x.x.x.x (import server IP address)

Step two: Create ZENworks Patch Manager Package.

  1. At your Patch Manager home page, click on the Vulnerabilities link, then click on the Packages Tab.

  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the “Create” button.

  • Name your package, and click Next. The next box allows you to choose OS’s you want to sent this to. This will depend on your environment. Select OS’s and click Next.

  • You will then see your target computer. On the target computer, right click, select Create MACRO and then select %TEMP%

  • Click Next. Now you will add the zwsreg.bat file to the %TEMP% dir. Right click on the directory, select add files and then you can browse to your batch file.

  • Click Next, then you tell the package to execute the batch file

  • Click Next. On the next few screens, just take the defaults and your package will be created.

  • All you have to do now is to associate this package with desired devices, and your workstations will be registered.


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