How to Migrate Primary ZCM Servers

Deciding how to upgrade your aging ZCM hardware or the best method to move the server from Linux to Windows can be complicated. So let me try to make it easier for you, but first please do some pushups or jumping jacks. I want your mind to be sharp and full of oxygen.

Option 1

Upgrading the original server and then adding the new hardware to the zone is the least preferred.

I don't like it because it has extra steps and it requires that the original server remain in operation for a period until all workstations have the updated zone configuration.

This option does allow you to migrate from a Linux Primary server to a Windows Primary server and the other way around too. Also option 2 will not work if the original server is too small or poorly designed.

Option 2

The second option is nice because you have a backup if the upgrade fails and the old hardware can be retired immediately.

Choosing option 1

  1. Upgrade the original server to version 11 (performed with the iso)

  • Apply post patches. At the time of this writing, Cumulative Update 2 is recommended, although SP1 is soon to be released. SP1 will be a better choice as you can upgrade directly from 10.x to 11 SP1.

  • Install the second server (performed with the iso)

  • Update any switches that are configured with helper addresses for imaging

  • Monitor the original server for any machines that are still contacting it

Choosing option 2

  1. This option is really easy. Create an image of your old server using any DISK cloning software. See List of disk cloning software for a list

  • Clonezilla is usually a good choice if you are looking for free

  • Shutdown the old server

  • Restore the image

  • Upgrade to version 11

  • Have a beer

Editor's Note: With option 2, it's important to be sure that the Operating System you're moving from the first server will run on the second (there may be hardware driver issues for example).


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Comment List
  • Will be using option 1 to move a customers ZCM 11.2 server that was so poorly setup I can not update SLES11.1 to newer to get them up to ZCM 11.3 So I need to move the ZCM services on this server to something else, and the customer chose Windows (when I saw this post, I told them sure, very familiar with your work and I trust it). I am a bit worried about the CA. The restore moves it and enables the CA service, but wouldn't the new server with a different name invalidate the certificate since the FQDN in the cert won't match the host? I am thinking that once I can retire the other server, I should rename the new server to match the old server name to ensure the cert does not kick back any errors.

    In this move, I have to be sure the agents don't prompt the users in any needless way.
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