ZCM Sybase Database Backup Script


Recently I've worked with a couple of customers who are running ZCM and have a dedicated server that runs their Sybase Database. First this is a great recommendation for customers who chose not to install ZCM using MS SQL or Oracle, but want a nice modular system that can grow well for a SMB.

The one downside to running the Sybase Database server on its own dedicated server is that you no longer have the ability to use the zman database-backup command since the Sybase server will not have any of the ZCM program files on it. In the System Planning, Deployment and Best Practices Guide we do discuss how to backup a Sybase server, external or embedded.

I've taken that info and made a small shell script that you can then set to run nightly by putting a symbolic link in the /etc/cron.daily folder.

You will need to change this string to match your servers configuration:


  • ENG = annex-zcm-db1 (Synonym for ServerName. The name of a running database server to which you want to connect. )

  • DBN = zenworks_database (For use when connecting to a database that is already running. Identifies a loaded database to which a connection needs to be made.)

  • UID = Sybase database username your ZCM system uses to log into the database (This is not your ZCC administrator account)

  • PWD = Sybase database password used to log into the database.

This dbbackup will create a backup while the database is running so there is no need to stop the service before this script runs.


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