Video: ZENworks Imaging from Linux to WinPE (Part 2b)


Join us with Support Engineer Moises Morales walking us through ZENworks Imaging Linux to WinPE. He walks us through the different imaging processes and running Linux Imaging in parallel with WinPE Imaging, how to convert a Linux image to a WinPE image and scripting. He also walks us through different logs for testing and if imaging isn't properly working.


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  • Hi Micro Focus Support and Training Team,

    i tried to apply all the stuff in our server and the problem is when i create a preboot Bundle and chose WinPe Imaging script there isnt any bash option.

    Then i thought i can use the commands to image.

    img -rp w10client.zmg -ip=xyz i get an error " partition size given is too small for specified partition type "

    system-reserve = 30MB NTFS

    c = 232GB NTFS

    EFI = 100MB FAT32

    do u have any ideas ?