Knowledge Document: Using DBeaver to export sql query results as CSV

Install DBeaver on a workstation (not the ZENworks primary).

Under Connections, select Create Connection.

Select PostgreSQL.

Edit the connection properties as below.  On the primary server, use zman dgc to get the zenadmin and password.  Look at zdm.xml for database name.

Run the Query.

Select Window / Preferences / DBeaver / Editors / Data Editor / Lob Editors  binary data formatter and select “Hex”.

Right click on all of the results of the query. 

Note:  For some tables where comma delimited is not useful (example inventory tables) just copy the results and paste into Excel.

Select Export Data… CSV.

Ensure that the output includes hex formatting for the binary fields

Send the resulting csv file.

More information and details can be found on the support portal here


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