Knowledge Document: Enabling and Disabling System Apps on Android Devices



ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 2


ZENworks lets administrators distribute bundles to enable or disable System Apps on Android device. When an Android System App bundle is created and assigned to a device, all system applications on the device are automatically disabled.  Only the system applications specifically defined in the bundle will be enabled. If a system application bundle is not created, then system apps will appear unless otherwise restricted via policies.

The only applications that will appear, even if no System Apps are specified in the bundle are the Google Play Store and the ZENworks Agent app. Those two applications will always appear. Any additional system apps that should be present, need added to the package list.

Important note: If the System App bundle is removed or unassigned, the default system apps are NOT automatically restored on the device and the apps enabled through the bundle are also disabled. This means that once a System App bundle is assigned to a device, ensure that the bundle is always assigned to the device so that the relevant system apps remain available.

Setup Steps

ZENworks can enable or disable System Apps on Android devices. To distribute these apps, access the support article here!


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