Reports Builder: Showing Opened Case/Request Count by Team


For example, let's say you lead a team of techncians and want to track their opened tickets in a nice chart.

Please use as a reference point/resource for this.

[User] View->Reports tab->Builder tab

Enter name, select the location where you want it saved, who you want to be able to access this and select and move "Incident" Entity over.

Also add "Request Team", "Request Technican" and "Request Status" to "Selected Entities".

Under the "Select" category or area, add a Field= Incident -> ID with Count Function and click on the plus icon.

Also add in the same area, add a Field= Technician -> First Name (you could also do Username or last name if desired instead) and click the add icon.

*This is a good point to save the report and then continue on with more

In the "Group By" sectrion/area, with Request.Technician.First Name presnt in the Fields field, click on the add icon.

Now the Chart section should show near the bottom of the page, click "Include Chart"

Define your X-axis and Y-axis

*another sport to save at.

Under "Where" section/area, Add Request Team -> Name ->Comparison ->Equals to-> the name of your team (be sure to click add):

In the same area (Where), Add a condition of "Request Status"->Active->True (and be sure to click add icon)

and save.

Now go to Reports->Requests->Process=Incident Reports->select the name of your custom report and click "Create".

You now have a nice chart showing the open incident count for members of a specific team:

*Accuracy will depend on state of the data in your database where it relates to incidents.Above shows only for incidents, the steps could be modified for Service Requests.


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