Quick Workaround to Flashing Desktop Bug


PROBLEM: With the ZENworks 7 SP1 client, when you install the Post SP1 Hot patch, that is available from support, you may find that some users (and only some users) get a flashing desktop as Application Explorer tries to load.

The bug is reported to Novell in an old TID # 3789592. Alas, there is no official fix yet about it from Novell.

Turns out, you can resolve this easily, by turning off the desktops Auto-Arrange.

It appears that the Application Explorer remembers where it was left behind in a reg key:


And if Auto-arrange is on, and there is a conflict with this position, in the Hot patch 1 client, you get a race condition, as the desktop tries to move it to match the available space, and Application Explorer tries to force it to one location.

You can delete the offending Reg key. But far simpler is turn off the desktop's Auto-arrange feature.

If you have any questions you may contact Geoffrey at geoffc@yorku.ca


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