Five Reasons to Check Out ZENworks 11 SP4


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In case you missed our big release earlier this week, here’s the update: A new version of ZENworks—ZENworks 11 SP4—is available for download and it’s loaded with useful features that will enhance and simplify your endpoint management software.

ZENworks 11 SP4 is our latest service pack and is an upgrade from our ZENworks 11 SP3 platform. Here are five reasons you should download it today:

    1. More comprehensive reporting: Based on your feedback, we know you’ve been wanting access to ad hoc reports that are more customizable. And this is what you’ll get when you download ZENworks 11 SP4, which comes with access to the latest version of ZENworks Reporting (5.6.1). Built on the Jaspersoft Professional business intelligence engine, 5.6.1 supports exciting features like the ability to generate reports in a “no data” mode for faster processing. There are also new charts available with customizable formula-based fields for ad hoc reports.


    1. Easier certificate management: Say goodbye to lengthy secure socket layer (SSL) management sessions! ZENworks 11 SP4 makes it infinitely easier to track and manage your SSL certificate authority and server certificates. You can perform multiple certificate functions—like back up, restore, cancel and move—all from the centralized ZENworks Control Center.


    1. Improved remote management: We’ve overhauled ZENworks Remote Management by updating it with the most recent version (2.7) of TightVNC software. Further, you can now use Remote Management in either rights or password mode—with or without the ZENworks agent service.


    1. Stronger endpoint security features: With ZENworks 11 SP4, you’ll find a simpler approach to virtual private network enforcement, as well as the ability to bar encryption for certain USB devices. Other security enhancements include the ability to reclassify network adapters and encrypt software on OPAL storage devices.


    1. Simpler virtual appliance deployment: One of the best parts about ZENworks 11 SP4 is the addition of a new virtual appliance that makes it easier to deploy ZENworks Primary Servers to end users. Appliances can be set up over the Web and managed through a single Web console.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here for a detailed overview outlining all of the changes you will find in ZENworks 11 SP4.

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