You Spoke Up (And We Listened): Now Get Ready For ZENworks 11 SP4


Think of our development team like Batman’s technical assistant Lucius Fox, fighting ferociously to save your IT department from inefficiency and disorganization. While we don’t plan on rolling out a new Sonar Batsuit for you any time soon, our team has been hard at work analyzing your ZENworks 11 feedback and making some exciting changes that you will see in the new support pack, ZENworks 11 SP4, which is set to be released in the next couple weeks.

So, what changes can you expect?

First, here’s a list of the programs that we’ve updated within the suite:

  • ZENworks Configuration Management

  • ZENworks Asset Management

  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

  • ZENworks Full Disk Encryption

  • ZENworks Patch Management

And here are some of the biggest needs we addressed:

  • Remote management capabilities: In ZENworks 11 SP4, you will find the most recent version of TightVNC, capable of performing secure and reliable maintenance on remote desktops. With this update, you will also be able to perform maintenance on devices that do not have ZENworks agent service installed.

  • License consumption tracking: Don’t go it alone when managing software licenses. With this update, you will receive improved guidance for staying in compliance with each one, so you will always be prepared for a vendor audit.

  • Appliance deployment: We’ve made it even easier to deploy the ZENworks Primary Server and ZENworks Reporting Server to end-users across your network with some handy new virtual appliances. These appliances will help manage, upgrade and patch your servers.

You will also find in ZENworks 11 SP4 a comprehensive new version of ZENworks Reporting, as well as enhanced endpoint security options such as selective USB encryption and simplified virtual private network (VPN) policies. There are also new Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) management options for protecting your server and certificate authority certificates.

Not to mention, we’ve inserted a new standalone agent, ZENworks Update Service (ZeUS), which will help streamline agent system updates. In the event an agent fails while updating, ZeUS can make critical repairs, as it is working and attempt to fix the problem.

For a more detailed article on the updates coming your way in ZENworks 11 SP4, click here.

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