A Faster Way to Deploy Enterprise Applications – Micro Focus Desktop Containers 12.1


Imagine you spend about three to four months creating an enterprise application, which puts you ahead of schedule. Now comes the tricky part: Testing the application and deploying it to end users across the enterprise. This process could easily extend the project several weeks or even months.

For too long, we have watched developers struggle with this process and so we decided to tackle the issue head on. Now, we are thrilled to announce that help is available with the latest version of Micro Focus Desktop Containers 12.1 (MFDC 12.1) — a solution that lets you package and deploy containerized Windows applications.

Micro Focus Desktop Containers 12.1 comes with many exciting features, like a new and improved template library within MFDC Studio. In this library, you can access a limited set of Turbo.net content which will help you build applications quickly and easily. With MFDC 12.1, all you have to do is start the clean container, run the application installer, build and publish the application.

In this version, you will also find a few different Turbo subscription updates. The updated Turbo Studio, for instance, offers the same new capabilities as the MFDC Studio template library, but it offers full access to the Turbo.net hub. You can also manage IP blocking for applications right from Turbo Studio.

What’s more, the service offers portable executables (for packaging the Turbo client into a standalone executable that can be run from any location). And the on premises Turbo Hub will let you host your own images and store container sandboxes on-premises. By doing this, you’ll be able to leverage all of the power of the Turbo client, without having to expose your applications or data to the cloud. This will reduce risk.

To learn more about Micro Focus Desktop Containers 12.1, click here.

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