Five Things Employees Hate About Enterprise Applications


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In the modern enterprise, applications are the gears that keep basic processes running. Just about every department, from finance to marketing to design, relies on applications to remain productive. And yet, they are often blamed when they don’t work properly.

With this in mind, here are five common problems that workers face when using enterprise applications.

    1. Slow deployments: Applications must be fully functional, and secure—or packaged—before they can be relied on for use in the enterprise. It takes a great deal of time and complex labor on the part of IT, however, to package them. For this reason, the majority of companies only package between 10 and 25 of their applications. Employees often lose out on the applications they need as a result of these difficulties.


    1. Even slower run times: Once applications are fully packaged and in the hands of employees, they need to run at optimal speeds. No employee has the time or patience to wait endlessly for applications to load.


    1. Conflicting applications: Employees don’t use just one application at a time on a device. They use several, and these applications can conflict with one another, causing security and performance concerns. Applications must be self-contained to prevent data leaks and security breaches.


    1. Difficult OS migrations: Occasional operating system (OS) migrations are inevitable. But when they happen, productivity can come to a standstill, as employees often can’t access their core applications during the process. Work, therefore, tends to back up during migrations, which is frustrating for employees.


    1. A lack of account access: Imagine you borrow a company laptop for a trek to a branch location—but come to find that the laptop is not equipped with a critical application because it’s missing the necessary agent. This lack of cohesion can make it very difficult to complete essential tasks.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

If so, you need to prevent them from frustrating your end users—with a cohesive application virtualization solution such as Micro Focus Application Virtualization. Using this solution, you can reduce costs, complexities and difficulties surrounding application deployments. Application Virtualization comes with features such as predictive streaming for faster run times, and a centralized, Web-based hub where end users can access the resources they need online.

In fact, Micro Focus Application Virtualization will allow end users to run applications from a file share or the Web between 5 and 25 times faster than standard downloads.

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