ZENworks Full Disk Encryption: Five Frequently Asked Questions


Managing encrypted devices at the large enterprise level can seem like a full-time job in and of itself when you consider the sheer volume of encrypted devices that may exist in any one organization. Yet, it’s one of the most important responsibilities in endpoint management. After all, once an organization loses control of its digital endpoints, the chances of a data breach can skyrocket; and cybercrime costs at least 200,000 jobs annually in the U.S.

Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption is an automated product designed to streamline the encryption management process. Using this product, IT managers can perform a variety of encrypted device management tasks, like encryption deployment, access control and troubleshooting, all from a central Web-based console. In effect, this saves valuable time and money while still ensuring a high level of protection across the enterprise.

Here are five frequently asked questions about ZENworks Full Disk Encryption:

  1. Is ZENworks easy to install?

Unlike most other encryption management services on the market, ZENworks Full Disk Encryption does not require any major capital or operational expenditures related to network infrastructure. It’s a Web-based product that can be easily accessed from any browser, regardless of location.

  1. How much control does this product afford over end-user devices?

IT managers can establish the type of information that is encrypted at any point. This information can be updated at any time, too, as the product affords a high level of flexibility.

  1. Can ZENworks Full Disk Encryption wipe or disable user machines?

This product can be used to either permanently or temporarily decommission end-user laptops and desktops, so that, after employees are done using them, the devices can be either reused or scrapped without any risk of a data breach arising.

  1. Can ZENworks perform emergency data recovery?

In the event an encrypted hard drive is severely damaged, IT can still extract and access the information. This way, files that would have otherwise been lost can still be recovered. 

  1. What if IT gets locked out of an encrypted device?

One of the great aspects of this product is that users are validated using security challenges and keys. Whenever a device uses an encryption function, IT is notified so that devices are always equipped with the latest credentials.

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