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As the abundance and complexity of applications grow, containerization technologies can simplify the convalescence. Sorting through, deploying, and transitioning applications for your office may seem to be a daunting task for management, but Micro Focus Desktop Containers streamline the process.

What are the key attributes of Desktop Containers? Micro Focus Desktop Containers can stretch the lifetime of your legacy applications and get more bang for your investment buck. Accessibility, speed, and security of web applications are hot topics in today’s Information Age. Desktop Containers can transcend boundaries of older browsers and operating systems, packaging applications into an easy-to-use virtual environment. Additionally, the self-contained setting helps businesses install software on current systems in one foul swoop, alleviating the pain of testing applications against other applications. Workflow productivity moves faster and with more agility as managing desktop applications are made more efficient.

How do Desktop Containers work? Desktop Containers run applications by using less than 1MB of storage while implementing only the necessary elements of the current host OS, minimizing extraneous performance. There’s no need for desktop software or system reconfiguration. Picture this: your user needs a report file but is lacking the proper applications to run it or open it on their machine. Desktop Containers make accessing application tools fast and doable, regardless of hardware or system configurations. Containers can also track usage, assign access, and execute agentless deployment of apps, as long as users have a USB device or web portal. Systems architecture intricacies become effortless to transcend with the facilitation of containers, carving out time and resources for management.

Why use Desktop Containers? Micro Focus Desktop Containers deliver on simplified consolidation of application setup and access functionality. Along with this competitive advantage, Desktop Containers keep apps up-to-date, safeguarded and manageable. If you don’t have the time to custom-build your containerized applications package, choose a Turbo for Desktop Containers subscription and gain access to a preconfigured library of set-ups and plug-ins.

Why is Micro Focus Desktop Containers the best in the business? With Micro Focus Desktop Containers, you are in the driver’s seat on the road to streamlined grasp of your applications management. Spread the reach of applications farther as you leverage containerization for your business needs. Enjoy 5-20x faster streaming than traditional downloading of applications.

Want to start get started on strengthening your applications reach and overall work productivity? Read the Micro Focus Desktop Containers White Paper for more information on containerization technologies and benefits to your business and desktop applications.

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