ZENworks Service Desk 8.0 Now Available


I’m pleased to announce the availability of ZENworks Service Desk 8.0 – a complete, scalable service desk solution that lowers your service and support costs, and improves service levels.

Primary Features and Benefits:

  • New End User Portal Architecture with an improved user experience for the My Ticket and Store pages:

    • Enhanced filtering options with faster filtering

  • Responsive layout

  • Enhanced mobile view with embedded browser capability

  • Threaded view in Request detail page

  • Drag and drop file upload

  • Increased flexibility when adding and editing Descriptions

  • Simplified Incident creation with more modularity and privilege driven options

  • Auto population of CC field while adding Notes in the Request Details page

  • Global Search - A Centralized search to find content across pages in the Customer portal

  • Edit Filters

    • Previous versions of ZENworks Service Desk didn’t provide the capability edit your saved filters and change your filtering criteria. With ZENworks Service Desk 8.0, you can edit a saved or shared filter with modified criteria.

  • Report Cost of Work

    • ZENworks Service Desk 8.0 now has canned financial billing reports. Users can use the following reports to access various aspects of their Cost of Work:

  • By Customer

  • By Org Unit

  • By Request

  • By Date

  • By Technician

  • Multi- session Support

    • ZENworks Service Desk 8.0 introduces a configurable option for multi-session support. This option enables users to have multiple login sessions across browsers and across systems.

  • Import of Inventoried Hardware

    • ZENworks Service Desk 8.0 includes a new capability for importing Inventoried hardware devices along with managed devices. Enhanced filtering options enable you to search and list managed, inventoried, and other devices.

  • Join Proxy with ZCC Helper

    • Another new feature of ZENworks Service Desk 8.0 is the ability to use a ZENworks Join Proxy satellite server to remotely control any Windows-managed devices located in various private networks.

  • Service Desk Appliance for Hyper-V

    • Current versions of Service Desk Appliance are only supported with VMware. With ZENworks Service Desk 8.0, you can also use Hyper-V as your virtual environment to deploy the Service Desk Appliance.

  • Calendar Enhancement

    • Currently, the calendar shows only the reference number of a ticket, making it difficult for users to determine the subject of the ticket. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.0, we have added a subject line to the request so technicians can easily see what the request is about.

  • Request URL for All Email Templates

    • The Request URL option makes it easy for customers as well as technicians to click on the link within an email and jump directly to the Request within Service Desk. Until now, this option was only available in some of the templates. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.0, this option is now available in all of the Request-related templates.

  • Permalinks for Tickets

    • Previously, a Technician couldn’t share a Request link (which holds all the details for the request) to any other technician. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.0, technicians can see an auto-generated Permalink names ‘Direct link’ in the request details page (before the Subject field). He or she can share the link with any other technician who has access to Service Desk. After clicking on the Permalink, the technician is navigated to the Request Details page. This feature applies to Generic, Change, Service, Incident, and Problem requests.

  • Device-based Assignment of Store Item

    • When requesting a bundle in the store workflow, users select the Item they want to access. When the item is approved, the assignment is made to the user. However, many applications are licensed by the machine, which means the user could install the app on multiple devices. To control this, the feature now enables you to configure the Assignment Extension for either a User or for a Device. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.0, when a request is submitted, the end user must also select their ZENworks devices to be assigned with the bundle. The system will then create an extension to make the assignment to that device on approval, rather than at the discretion of the user.

Additional information:

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