Dim the Lights: Five Must See Videos and Webinars From ZENworks


Here at Micro Focus, we are fortunate to have a wide selection of videos and webinars that can help familiarize you with our products and services. Whether you are a new or returning customer, we invite you to sit back, break out some microwave popcorn and browse through our extensive media gallery.

Here are five of our favorite videos and webinars that you should be sure to check out:

  1. Enabling the Workspace—Novell ZENworks Suite: Join Novell systems engineer and Endpoint Management Solution Principal Oscar Sanchez for a feature-length presentation that will teach you how the ZENworks Suite can help you say yes to your end-user IT requests by providing a complete overview of the workspace. This video includes a full ZENworks Suite primer, instructions for migrating to the ZENworks Suite and a look at what is coming down the pike with ZENworks.

  • Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization: Nothing can impede daily productivity in the enterprise quite like slow-moving or poorly functioning internal applications. In this presentation, Sanchez will show you how Novell can ensure a smoothly running workspace by streamlining virtual application deployment. Some of the topics covered include minimizing application conflicts, enhancing productivity and improving application security.

  • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and Novell Service Desk: Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust of the U.K. is one of our best use cases. Learn how the trust used Novell Service Desk to effectively handle a merger that increased its number of users to 4,500 with more than 3,000 workstations and, in the process, upgraded its IT support processes to be in line with ITIL best practices.

  • Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and ZENworks Application Virtualization: Service Desk isn’t the only application helping Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust. In this video, you will learn how the organization is using Novell Application Virtualization to streamline complexities in all of its applications (most of which come with different software run times and application frameworks). Using ZENworks, IT workers can spend less time managing software conflicts and more time completing higher-level tasks.

  • ZENworks Success Story Video: Underwriters Safety and Claims: Upgrading a mix of 300 virtual and physical computers to Windows 7 is no easy task. See how ZENworks successfully upgraded all 300 devices and reduced helpdesk calls by 25 percent for this regional insurance agency.

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