Choosing the right configuration management solution for your enterprise why ZENworks versus other solutions?



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    Now that's what I call timely. I have a customer review concerning ZCM on Monday!
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    Thanks for that PDF. Interesting and nicely outlines how much ZCM does. You forget sometimes how much it really does do!

    However, there is not a lot of direct comparison, except in the most general sense.

    I am hesitant to say I want to see a matrix of checkmarks, since those are inherently unreliable, as more often than not, the answer is usually "sort of" not yes or no.

    But I wonder if what I really want is a matrix of features and check marks...
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    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for your comment. Here is more information re our (ZENworks) advantages versus other solutions.

    ZENworks Product Marketing
  • The PDF is nice, but basically sounds like, we are better. Take our word for it.

    Would be must more interesting to see a comparison to the other products in the space...

    Where is ZCM better than Altiris, BigFix, KACE, LANDesk, etc? (I also want to know where those are better than ZCM to be fair, but I doubt you could get that past marketing...)