Streamline your Windows 7 Migration with ZENworks - White Paper


  • Step 1, Inventory: Before I migrate, I need to know what can migrate, what to upgrade, and what to replace. (ZAM)

  • Step 2, Application Continuity: I need to make sure users have the apps they need--before, during, and after migration (ZAV)

  • Step 3, Configure/Deploy: I need to actually get Windows 7 onto thousands of machines (ZCM)

  • Step 4, Patch: Once migrated, I need to get my fleet patched and compliant (ZPM)

  • Step 5, Maintain and continually address incidents: I need to lower our service and support costs by reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and continually deliver and improve Service Level Agreements, before, during, and after migration (NSD)

Download the White Paper here ->


Editor's Note: When it comes to Windows 7 Migration projects, ZENworks can be your new best friend. Check it out.


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