Does Your Mobility Management Solutions Differentiate Between User Privacy and Corporate Security?


Enterprise mobility is not an option – it’s a must-have for any business looking to remain competitive today.  A combination of evolving business strategies and new workforce demographics effectively make it impossible for businesses to function without mobility solutions that enable employees to function anywhere they are.  Whether you’ve adopted a BYOD strategy popular with most businesses, or still retain corporate-owned devices – or a combination, mobile devices introduce a level of risk, including unauthorized access to networks and resources, and data theft.

Mobility management solutions are designed to help reduce that risk by controlling access to data, applications, and resources as well as what can be done with them.  Traditional Mobile Device Management solutions offer that control, but come with the drawback that they effectively force employees to relinquish control over their devices to corporate IT, including their personal applications, information, and communications.  At a time when privacy is in the spotlight, that is a cause for concern among many employees (especially in BYOD environments) and, consequently, employers who are caught between respecting privacy and protecting corporate resources.

ZENworks Mobile Workspace (ZMW), however, offers an alternative, allowing IT to set up secure workspaces on mobile devices, separate from all other apps and data on devices, where corporate resources can be stored and managed.  The same management capabilities that are available with other MDM solutions still apply – applications and access can be remotely added, updated, or removed, and the corporate “folder” can be wiped if a device is lost or stolen or an employee leaves the company.

The difference is, users maintain control over their devices and personal applications and data, but IT has access to all corporate data without visibility into personal activity, alleviating any privacy concerns while adhering to corporate security and compliance requirements.  ZMW is even compatible with other mobility management solutions and can be added on top of those existing deployments.

In addition to basic mobility management and security capabilities, ZENworks Mobile Workspace facilitates user password changes directly from mobile devices, when they log in initially or when required for compliance purposes.  This alleviates the need to log into corporate network creating a much simpler and efficient process for users.

The security features of ZMW extend to contact lists, including secure caller ID from corporate contacts, which are also stored separately from the device’s native contact list.  Like all other corporate data, this allows corporate contact information to be maintained in accordance with corporate security policies.

Along with managing access to all corporate resources from the secure workspace, specific home pages can be defined for the ZMW secure browser, and web app URLs can all be stored to provide easy one-touch access to required apps.  Likewise, Unified Settings makes it possible to configure all apps from a single location, rather than having to define settings for each app individually, reducing user management workload significantly.

Of course, there will be inevitable troubleshooting for IT to deal with.  Client Log Access makes it easy for IT to view logs in the ZMW admin console for quick troubleshooting without having to physically have access to devices.

Learn more about how ZENworks Mobile Workspace can create a better mobile environment for your users and IT teams here.

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