Boost IT Productivity by 45 Percent in Your Organization


Your IT staff is one of the sharpest groups in your organization. Team members are capable of driving serious revenue for your company by implementing forward-thinking technological solutions across the enterprise. Unfortunately, they spend the majority of their time buried in technical endpoint management grunt work, installing, configuring and updating software for user devices.

But this is not what you hired your IT staff to do. It’s comparable to the Denver Broncos putting Peyton Manning on equipment detail. You want your best and brightest IT staffers focusing on big-picture projects.  So, if you’re looking to reclaim your IT team and increase its value, it’s time to consider software that will facilitate this by automating the end-user provisioning process.

Novell ZENworks Configuration Management is a platform that can help you get more out of your IT staff by automating IT processes in cloud, virtual and physical environments. ZENworks Configuration Management is the perfect complement to your IT staff as it can provide the ability to provision end-user identities, software, apps and devices all from a central location. This helps overcome the following challenges:

    • Audit and compliance: This platform can help those in highly regulated environments track management changes, licenses as well as files written to removable drives. Your team won’t have to scramble in preparation for an audit.


    • Lifecycle visibility: With ZENworks Configuration Management, you can manage assets for all of your Windows and Linux systems so you know when it’s time to upgrade.


    • Deployment: Deploy software to your end users in less than 30 minutes, instead of the several hours that it typically takes using standard deployment procedures.

Just how powerful is ZENworks Configuration Management? According to IDC, it can boost IT productivity in your enterprise by as much as 45 percent.

Want to learn more information?  Novell ZENworks.


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