ZENworks Mobile Workspace – Technical White Paper


In today’s world, mobile devices and apps are a fact of life. They help users be more productive and provide more value to your business. Almost every end user wants mobile access to valuable company resources. And regardless of how sensitive this data is, users want access without giving up control of their mobile devices to the company. But, as you know, some of these resources contain your most sensitive information. With Micro FocusRegistered ZENworksRegistered Mobile Workspace, you can strike the right balance of providing convenient user access and keeping your data secure.

ZENworks Mobile Workspace is a simple yet highly secure mobile application management (MAM) solution that enables end users to access corporate data through a company-controlled workspace on their mobile devices. So when they access the workspace, they know they’re entering a corporate data island. And because the data is encrypted, you can be sure it’s secure.

How does ZENworks Mobile Workspace do this? It encrypts all of the corporate data at rest and in transit, and it controls authentication requirements and workspace lock.

Why choose ZENworks Mobile Workspace? The app is simple; there’s no management agent on the mobile device. It’s a solution that keeps the user comfortable—something that’s secure, but doesn’t negatively impact their device. You can monitor or wipe the workspace if the device is lost, ensuring that your data isn’t compromised. (Did you know that 70 million devices are lost each year, with only 7% recovery?) Finally, the workspace has a built-in browser that provides an easy way to access corporate websites over a secure connection.

Why do users love ZENworks Mobile Workspace? Because they have access to what they need without having to worry about what you might do to their device. At the same time, they’re able to access the corporate data they need to get their jobs done effectively. Ultimately, this means your business benefits from your users always being available.

Want to learn more about how your organization can strike the right balance between mobile security and usability for mobile device users? Read the ZENworks Mobile Workspace White Paper to get the details on use cases, features, and benefits to your business and users.

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