Forrester Names Novell ZENworks a ‘Strong Performer’ in Endpoint Encryption

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There are two ways that you can store sensitive corporate information in your database: in a regular format using plain text or in a protected format using advanced ciphering. In information technology (IT), the act of ciphering digital information is called encryption, and it’s one of the safest and strongest methods of devaluing private data for hackers, thus ensuring compliance with ever-stringent breach notification procedures.

Stolen encrypted data—be it proprietary source code, consumer account information or just about any other private corporate file— is useless to anyone that does not possess a private key, or password, that can unlock the protective code.

Novell is proud to announce that its ZENworks endpoint management suite was named a strong performer, as one of the leading encryption solutions on the market, by Forrester Research in its recent report, “The Forrester WaveTm Endpoint Encryption, Q1 2015.”

What differentiates ZENworks from other leading private encryption services? Novell was included in the final list of top vendors for its ability to provide seamless auditing, management and reporting capabilities. According to Forrester, the solution earned high accolades based on the elevated consumer demand for it and strong customer references, as well as its low cost. Its encryption service is easy to use, and it comes with strong product support, which makes for a user-friendly experience.

Here are some of the exciting features that ZENworks offers:

  • Remote management: IT managers can perform all related disk encryption duties from a single Web-based platform. This reduces the need for travel and helps ensure end users stay up to date with data encryption requirements.

  • A unified IT console: IT managers can use ZENworks to perform all of their endpoint management tasks—full disk encryption included.

  • Automated data protection: Automated encryption services allow for secure and seamless data protection processes. This ensures that no file, disk or drive will transmit sensitive information without being encrypted first.

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