Replacing the ZENworks 11 Icons with the ZENworks 10.x Icons


As part of our initiative to make the icons and user interfaces consistent across all Novell Products, the ZENworks icons have been modified in ZENworks 11 Configuration Management.

If you want to continue using the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management icons, then perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin directory and create a \icons\ZIcon sub directory within it.

  • Extract the Application.ico and refresh_xx.ico icon files from the attached zip file and copy them to the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\icons\ZIcon directory.

  • Stop the ZenNotifyIcon.exe process by using the Windows Task Manager.

  • Go to the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin directory and double-click ZenNotifyIcon.exe to restart the process.

ZENworks 11 allows you to change the look and feel of the ZENworks Icon. You can choose to replace the default icons with different icons, such as your company logo.

For more information on "Customizing the ZENworks Icon", see Customizing the Look and Feel of the ZENworks Icon in the ZENworks 11 System Administration Reference.

With Contributions From:

Anju Dagliya -Technical Writer, Novell, Inc.


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