Google for Business and Micro Focus Service Desk

Hi All,

For some reason the "connecting Micro Focus Service Desk to a Cloud provider" section inside the manual is skipped over quite quickly, and with no knowledge or a starting point this might be a headache.

A tip for connecting Google Apps for Business accounts to Micro Focus Service Desk as the Email connector:

By default the TLS Handshake that Micro Focus Service desk initiates fails to meet the security requirements of the Google Servers (Logged a bug for this) and the only way is to adapt your Google Apps security settings to allow it to communicate using a "Lesser secure apps" (As they call it)

You can find the settings for this at

gmail security

After that, Make sure the settings on Micro Focus Service Desk looks like this:

Micro Focus Service Desk settings

As Mentioned the Normal TLS Handshake fails on normal IMAP. So you have to select secure IMAP with port 993 to connect.

For some weird reason the TLS (SSL) handshake works fine for sending of email from the server.

Hope this helps someone!

Christiaan Swanepoel



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