ZENworks Imaging Files


Important: Please note that these files are NOT supported by Novell.

The information below is based on the ZENworks for Desktops 4.0 post SP1 images in the public patch. The beta patch zfd4sp1bservrp2.exe currently has the same linux.2 and bootcd.iso files as the public patch.

The drivers below are later drivers than the ones that are shipping in this patch.

Attached are compiled drivers for ZEN Imaging that support the following network cards:

  • bcm4400.o - Broadcom BCM4400 Driver Version 2.0.5 dated 02 July 2003
  • bcm5700.o - Broadcom BCM5700 Driver Version 7.0.0 dated 14 August 2003
  • e100.o - Intel E100 Driver Version 2.3.27 dated 20 May 2003
  • e1000.o - Intel E1000 Driver Version 5.1.13 dated 9 April 2003
  • nvnet.o - nVidia NVNET Ethernet Driver Version 1.0.5 dated 24 March 03

These drivers can be added to the ZENworks Imaging Engine.

I have built both the linux.2 file (Use for PXE Booting) and a bootcd.iso (CD Boot Image) that includes the above updated drivers.

There are two different ZIP files to choose from (all found in the large zip file below):

zfd4imgparm1.zip - Includes linux.2, bootcd.iso and includes the hdparm speed tweak which is described here.

This tweak is a modified hdparm.s file that scan for DMA support on all IDE drives (hda/hdb/hdc/hdd) and enables DMA support (hdparm -d1) if the device is found to support DMA.

zfd4imgn1.zip - Includes both linux.2 and bootcd.iso WITHOUT the hdparm change. The only change between these files and the ones that shipped in the zfd4sp1bservrp1c patch are the inclusion of the updated network card drivers.


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