Inviting Participation for Beta Program of #ZENworks 2020 Update 1

ZENworks 2020 was a big release for our engineering team. However, this didn’t stopped them from diving straight into next iteration - ZENworks 2020  Update 1.
ZENworks 2020 Update 1 has following main themes -
  1. Deliver customer requested enhancements to capabilities introduced in ZENworks 2020.
  2. Extend patch management capabilities to internal patching and additional third-party patching through enhanced custom patching.
  3. Reduce cost of ownership by increasing PostgreSQL scalability and supporting MS-SQL and Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations.
Apart from this there are many other features including customer ideas, updated platform support etc.
With ZENworks 2020 Update 1, we are trying out a different way of seeking feedback. Earlier, we used to launch our beta program almost at the end of our development cycle, when typically all development is done and we have a stable build. However, this meant that many times, it was too late for us to incorporate the feedback which we would receive. So this time around, instead of waiting till the end, we are launching our beta program during our development cycle itself and provide you with our Sprintly Builds, so that you can try out features much earlier, which in turn would give us time to incorporate your feedback. 
As part of this program, we would provide you with a build of ZENworks 2020 Update 1 for your testing and feedback. You would also get access to a forum for discussing things related to beta. We would also be organizing regular calls where you can participate and share your feedback and issues you may be seeing. We expect beta to last for around 2-3 months, post which we would be starting our Lighthouse program for few beta customers. As part of lighthouse, we would be providing assistance in upgrading customer's production environment to ZENworks 2020 Update 1.   
We are planning to start this exercise by holding our first call on 12th Feb, where we would provide you with more details. If you have participated in beta program of ZENworks 2020, you should soon see an appointment in your mailbox. If you haven’t, please do send us an email at and we would send an appointment along your way.
Looking forward to your participation !


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