Goodbye iReport, Welcome Jaspersoft Studio


No software lasts forever (except maybe Win XP). iReport, the trusted report designer which shipped with ZENworks Reporting 5, has been on life support from some time. Now the time has come to say goodbye.

I am pleased to announce that it is being replaced by something better - Jaspersoft Studio.

Hence forward, Jaspersoft Studio is the designated report designer for ZENworks Reporting. It is eclipse based, is a full re-write of iReport and can be used to create sophisticated reports containing charts, images, subreports, crosstabs and much more. It's easy integration with ZENworks Reporting 5 allows a user to create reports using either the ZENworks Domain objects or advanced SQL queries running against the ZENworks DB. Jaspersoft Studio can be used to develop and test reports on your local desktop, which can then be published to ZENworks Reporting 5 repository.

Jaspersoft Studio is available to all our customer holding a valid license and running ZENworks 11 SP3 or above. It can also be used to create reports against some products with-in the ZENworks family, namely ZENworks Mobile Management, ZENworks Application Virtualization and Novell Service Desk. It is available for download here on Novell download site as part of ZENworks 11 SP3. Installation guide is available here and usage guide is available here.


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