My Bundle Dashlet is better than yours! #ZENworks2020


ZENworks Configuration Management has the industry’s best application deployment capabilities as we have heard time again and again from our customers. The flexibility offered by ZENworks’ Bundle Framework makes it possible to build and deploy complex applications in far less time than ANY of its configuration management competitors.

In #ZENworks2020, we have made significant changes to our Bundles Framework, so that bundle status is even more accurate than before and is more current. However, we didn’t stop there. We have totally changed the way you interact with bundles status. ZENworks 2020 comes with a great set of tools so that you can understand and manage your bundle deployments in a better manner.

Status Dashboard for Each Bundle


They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In our case, it turns out a bundle status chart is worth far more than a set of status numbers. In ZENworks 2020, every bundle comes with a dashboard which displays pre-defined dashlets corresponding to assignment and deployment status. These dashlets make it incredibly easy to understand at a glance what is happening with the bundle you just created and deployed.



Filter awayclipboard_image_3.png

If you have ever felt the need to track application deployment for a set of critical devices, you are not alone. We all have been there. With ZENworks 2020, it is now possible to customize your bundle status dashlet to your heart’s satisfaction. With 15 filters to choose from, you can choose to see bundle status based upon device folders, device types, operating system, agent version, distribution status, install status, launch status and many more.

See the Data you always wanted

2.PNGWouldn’t it be great to see the reason a bundle failed to deploy right alongside bundle status? Well, we concur. Bundle dashlets in ZENworks 2020, makes it a breeze to view more information about the assignment and deployment status for the bundle. In dashlets it is possible to see bundle status along with relevant information about devices and users such as their place in device hierarchy, installed agent version, Operating System version, not effective reason, Install message etc. In fact, in distribution, install & launch status dashlets it is possible to select from a list of more than 25 columns.

Make Your Own Dashlet

Once you have created your own dashlet, you can save it and pin it to bundle homepage or even ZENworks homepage, so that you can access your own special view quickly. And did I mention, that it is possible to export data out of every dashlet for offline processing!

At this time, the only thing remaining is to casually stroll over to your colleagues’ desk and make them jealous by showing them how your bundle dashlets are better than theirs!


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