Introducing ZENworks 2016 Preview Program


ZENworks 11 SP4 is just out, but here at Micro Focus, we are already working towards our next release - ZENworks 2016. With this release, we want to take a slightly different approach in how we build and deliver ZENworks.

This time around, we want to share with you what we have built, while we are building it. We want to hear back from you on what works and what doesn't, so that we can improve upon it. We are hoping that this will allow us to build features in ZENworks 2016 tailored to work for you. To achieve this objective, we are happy to announce ZENworks 2016 Preview Program.

Key features of program are

    • We'll release preview builds of ZENworks 2016 at a regular cadence -- approximately every 4 months.


    • Every build will have new features along with improvements.


    • We’ll take your feedback and wherever appropriate incorporate it in next set of builds.


    • Likely you will be asked to join us for one or more focus groups throughout to answer specific questions about how the product is evolving.


    • Once we get to a point where we have sufficient value and requisite quality, we’ll certify the build for production and release ZENworks 2016 for everybody.

The first preview build for ZENworks 2016 is now available for download. This preview introduces mobile device management capabilities using the same ZENworks infrastructure and console you are so familiar with. The key capabilities being introduced in this preview are:

    • Configure mobile management features using and easy to use setup page


    • Enroll Mobile devices as managed devices in ZENworks. This can be Android, iOS or any device having ActiveSync capability.


    • Configure email on all supported mobile devices


    • Secure your Android devices by enforcing passcode or restricting Camera


    • View and refresh device information along with device status


    • Send a message to Android devices


    • Un-enroll your Android devices


    • Allow end users to enroll, view and refresh their mobile devices using the new ZENworks End User Portal

Interested? Here is how you can participate:

    • Register yourself here using your NCC credentials.


    • Download and install the Preview


    • Explore preview and share your feedback using the forum

We look forward to your participation and working with you to build a better ZENworks!


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Comment List
  • Let see, there is an usable product with recent customers - Zenworks mobile management and also ZCM - Zenworks configuration management. Microfocus will merge those two with new result - Zenworks 2016 with all consequences this decision has - loosing customers. Because there is no idea published how will this merge done from licensing point of view, as from technical point of view. Recent version of ZMM has nice features and product is working as expected. The features of promised Zenworks 2016 are at lower level, then ZMM is now. Answer the question: how many owners of Mercedes SLK prefer driving a Trabant? Honestly - no one. And how many of Mercedes SLK owners prefer spend their budget for an almost Mercedes SLK? I think - no one again...